Zoom Golden Glow Oil
Zoom Golden Glow Oil

Golden Glow Oil

Rs. 295.00

Jullaaha's Golden Glow Oil contains a whole garden of natural, exotic ingedients that are combined using an ancient Ayurvedic formula; to give you a glowing complexion while reducing body hair and addressing a whole range of skin ailments.This Ayurvedic combination is used for centuries for rejuvenating, providing softness, strength and colour to the skin. Daily us of this oil improves the condition of the skin and lightening the complexion. This oil inparts nourishment, health and glow to the skin.


Nalpamara, Ficus Racemosa (Athi), Ficus Microcarpa (Ithi), Ficus Relegiosa (Arayal), Ficus Benghalensis (Pearl), Manjishta (rubia cordifolia), Haritaki (terminalia chebula), Palmanjal (curcuma aromatica), Chandana (santalum album), Tila Taila (sesamum indicum).



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