About us

Ms.Jaya Devi started her journey as an entrepreneur with a very clear mission. To build a business that can support the crafts of India and empower under-privileged women, while promoting sustainability.

Her prime focus is on Kalamkari and Batik, both are slowly disappearing arts. Arts which demand time, patience and precision. The PEN Kalamkari at Jullaaha is primarily of the Kalahasti school and is done by hand using traditional techniques, while Batik work is done in-house with all-natural dyes, that are 100% AZO free.

Today, the Jullaaha brand provides an opportunity for artisans to find a market for their work and through this effort creates a steady stream of income for them. It also supports the training and employment of local women.

Jaya Devi was and is unfailing in her belief that to build a sustainable, social enterprise should be long-lasting, the business must be self-supporting and completely indigenous.

Every saree at Jullaaha is unique, as all the pieces are handcrafted and cannot be exactly replicated. 

The personal care products are made with 100% natural ingredients, many of which are home-grown at Jullaaha's own farm.