Orange and Cinnamon Bathing Bar from Jullaaha _ Handcrafted Exotic Ayurveda _ Ayurvedic Soap for Glowing Wrinkle Free Skin

Thank You and A Little Surprise

by Niranjani (ANSR Partners)

Dear Customer,

After 10 years of delighting clients across India and the globe, we launched Jullaaha Online 6 months back with a burning desire to make beautiful, eco-friendly and traditional textiles available at affordable prices for everyone, everywhere.

Authentic Original Kalamkari Saree with Pen Kalamkari Applique Work Handcrafted and Handpainted from Jullaaha _

With your support and encouragement, we sold out almost every product in our first online collection and today stand in the top 9% of online stores launched at the same time in India.

Our Kalamkari, Batik, Block Print, Hand Painted, Kundan and Kancheepuram saree collections have been embraced by all of you with so much love and enthusiasm; and this has encouraged us to take the next big step.

Authentic Original Handcrafted Exotic Ayurvedic Personal Care Products from Jullaaha _ Exotic Ayurveda _ Ayurveda for Skin and Hair _

We, at Jullaaha, are excited to announce that from June 2018 we are offering our Handcrafted Exotic Ayurvedic Personal Care Products on our online store. This collection includes all-time favourites such as our Aloe Vera & Saffron Gel, our Natural Tinted Lip Balm, our Goat Milk & Jojoba Oil Bathing Bar and our Natural Hair Colour

Authentic Original Handcrafted Exotic Ayurvedic Personal Care Products from Jullaaha _ Exotic Ayurveda _ Goat Milk and Jojoba Ayurvedic Soap for Baby Skin_ Ayurveda for Skin and Hair _

Backed by a decade of research, 200-year-old secret family recipes and thousands of die-hard customers who refuse to use any other skin and hair care products other than Jullaaha, we are 100% sure that you will come to love our natural personal care range as much as our textiles. 

To celebrate our 6-month anniversary and say a big ‘thank you’ to all of you, we are offering 100% free shipping on our complete product range across India for a limited period.

Authentic Original Handcrafted Exotic Ayurvedic Personal Care Products from Jullaaha _ Exotic Ayurveda _ Ayurveda for Skin and Hair _ Aloe Vera and Saffrom Gel with Kumkumadi Thailam for face and skin_

Order any product online on at Jullaaha Online and enjoy free delivery anywhere in India.

As always, call or write to us anytime. We are always listening.

  • Abirami, Manager: OR +91 96001 45014
  • Jaya Devi, Founder:

Don’t forget to subscribe to Jullaaha as we have lots of challenges and offers planned for all of you. Let the fun begin.

With Excitement

Jaya Devi Cholayil, Founder Jullaaha

Niranjani (ANSR Partners)
Niranjani (ANSR Partners)


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Handcrafted Authentic Original Kalamkari Saree from Jullaaha _
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