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Jullaaha Portraits: Uddya - Healing the World With Colours

by Niranjani (ANSR Partners)

From capturing the world in paints to healing those in pain, Uddya Sri Kumaran believes that there is a strong link between creativity and spirituality. She has recently written and published, a beautifully illustrated book, on the strong connection between spirituality and art. Here, this versatile businesswoman, healer, artist, author and mother shares snippets of her journey as a woman who pursued her passions, over two decades, to build a rich and colourful life.  

Jullaaha Journal_Uddya Sri Kumaran Oil Painting  

The Child Artist

I have always loved expressing myself through art. I can’t really remember exactly when I started painting, however art has always been my way of sharing my views on the world and relaxing.

Whatever stage I am at in life, I always make time to paint. I paint for pleasure and for work. For me there is no line between the two aspects.

Jullaaha Journal_Uddya Sri Kumaran Oil Painting

After I got married, I used to spend time at the family business, SPGC Metal Industries, and realised that I could add value, in my own way, by bringing in an artistic element. That’s when I created a range of souvenir tins with idyllic Indian scenes in vibrant colours.

These are tin plate metal boxes and my hand painted images are imprinted on them to create a beautiful gift box that can be taken home as a souvenir or used to store trinkets. These hand painted souvenir boxes have really added a new dimension to our product range. Today, these colourful tins are best sellers and the demand far outstrips the supply.

Jullaaha Journal_Uddya Sri Kumaran Trinket Box Indian Scenes

On Becoming a Pranic Healer

I was naturally drawn to Pranic Healing as I believe in spirituality as a way of life, as well as, the power of the multiple energies constantly flowing around us. I heard of grandmaster Choa Koak Sui, the Founder and Originator of the Pranic Healing® and Arhatic Yoga® System. The grandmaster has also written the bible on Pranic Healing - Miracles Through Pranic Healing.

After an extensive and intensive period of training under the guidance of grandmaster Choa Koak Sui, I started helping family and friends with their health issues, whenever possible. With a young daughter and a role in the family businesses, I initially practised Pranic Healing only as a personal hobby.   

Over time people, outside my immediate circle of family and friends, started coming to me with their health problems and as I was able to make a difference in their lives, my personal practise slowly evolved into a professional practise. My passion and beliefs have very naturally led to a career that I love and enjoy, even after twenty years.

On the Benefits of Pranic Healing

Did you know, Pranic healing involves absolutely ‘no touching and no drugs’! It purely harnesses the positive energies of and around the healer to cleanse and energise the patient!

 Pranic healing is powerful and effective both in cases of mental and physical illnesses. Two cases that immediately come to my mind, where Pranic Healing has really shown results, are those of Mr. Srinivasan and Mrs. Lakshmi Priya.

Mr. Srinivasan, a patient from Repco College had Hepatitis C virus, which persisted even after a liver transplant. He heard about Pranic Healing from a few friends and decided to give it a try as he had run out of options. To his surprise, after a few sessions of Pranic Healing he was completely cured of Hepatitis C!

Mrs. Lakshmi Priya, a healthy young woman who was having trouble conceiving for 10 years, decided to opt for IVF treatments. She was warned that IVF did not always work or took quite some time to yield results. She decided to undergo Pranic Healing sessions in parallel with her IVF treatments and to her joy, she successfully conceived and now is blissfully enjoying motherhood.

Pranic Healing in Everyday Life 

Pranic Healing need not be resorted to only when some is ill, it can be practised as a way of life, which means you can use it as a preventive tool to great health. Here are a few ways in which I get people to lead healthier and happier lives:

  • Super Brain Yoga - (Ganeshasana) - specially for students which helps in improving their concentration.
  • Work related Stress can be reduced by using the Pranic Healing.
  • For Pregnant Women - Proper Breathing technique which helps to reduce the blood pressure.

My team and I conduct classes in colleges and schools to help students increase their confidence and concentration in everyday life; and particularly to help them handle the stress of preparing for and writing exams, as well as, handling entrance interviews. 

Her Philosophy for Life

I strongly believe that we must do work, enjoy it, work deeply and creatively. Following this in life will definitely keep stress levels low.

Moderation is a virtue for women, or for that matter anyone, to be a success both personally and professionally.

Jullaaha Authentic Handcrafted Hand painted Pen Kalamkari Saree - www.jullaaha.com - Jullaaha Portraits Uddya Sri Kumaran SPG Metal Industries

I have recently released a book - ‘I Am Watching Colours - Spiritual Evolution Ushered In Through Colours’ - that explains and illustrates the link between art and spirituality. It is an idea that I have been thinking of for years and one that I finally took time to put down on paper.

On Her Love for All Things Indian

When I step into the Jullaaha Store, whether physically or online, I feel like all my artistic dreams have come true. Jaya Devi has managed to create such beautiful collections of handcrafted sarees and clothing, that every time I visit I end up with a new wardrobe, particularly when it comes to her hand painted Kalamkari’s. The biggest advantage of shopping at Jullaaha is that you get original handcrafted sarees at such reasonable prices!

Jullaaha Authentic Handcrafted Hand painted Pen Kalamkari Saree - www.jullaaha.com - Jullaaha Portraits Uddya Sri Kumaran SPG Metal Industries

I come from a traditional and conservative joint family, so I end up wearing Jullaaha Kalamkari Kurtis for almost every family get together, as they are creative and traditional, with a modern twist. When I go out for functions, my Jullaaha sarees make me stand out in a crowd, and I usually have compliments pouring in from every direction.

The saree I am wearing here is a crepe silk. A half and half Kalamkari saree with Kalamkari applique work done by hand using the traditional pen Kalamkari technique. It is one of my favourites and I have many fond memories of wearing it on special occasions.

Oh! Not to forget, Jullaaha’s amazing Ayurvedic personal care product range, especially the Jullaaha lip balm, of which I am a diehard fan.

If I am to sum up Jullaaha in one phrase it would be ‘every Jullaaha apparel is a piece of art’.

- As told to Niranjani Mahadevan

Uddya regularly conducts private, as well as, open Pranic Healing workshops for individuals and corporate clients. For booking a session or to order a copy of Uddya’s book, contact her on 9344280335.

Check out Uddya’s top picks from Jullaaha’s Online Store below.

Niranjani (ANSR Partners)
Niranjani (ANSR Partners)


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