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Jullaaha Portraits: Sulthana - Soul Food

by Niranjani (ANSR Partners)

Meet Sulthana, a soft-spoken, unassuming woman who has, with quiet determination, taken the Chennai restaurant scene by storm. With a small but rapidly growing chain of cafes and bakeries, that serve a mouth-watering array of European dishes and swoon-worthy desserts, Pantry d’or is the restaurant of choice for those days when you are craving a beautifully baked lasagne or a melt in the mouth cheesecake.

Here the enigmatic Sulthana shares a few personal stories over a creamy mushroom cobbler and perfectly luscious chocolate brownie at her Anna Nagar restaurant.

Jullaaha Inspiration_Sultana_pantry dór Cafe and Bakery

On finding her passion

I’m someone who believes in going with the flow of life. I always knew that I wanted to create though it took me a while to decide how to manifest this desire. I qualified in business administration, and even tried my hand at jewellery making, before taking a course in baking.

I’ve always had a love for baking, from the time I was a little child. I baked my first cake, all on my own, in the 10th grade. However, I didn’t think of being a professional restaurateur till much later.

Even today I love making a chocolate fudge at home, as a treat.

Delicious Goodies_Tray of Delectable Desserts at Pantry dór_Jullaaha Inspiration

On her inspiration

My father, definitely my father. He is my mentor, guide and friend. He is my teacher in business and life. Without him I would be lost.

Pantry dór Chennai - Churros with delicious dips_Jullaaha Inspiration

On her mission

I am a simple person and I have a simple mission. To give my customers the best I possibly can and that means working on delivering my best every day. If I’m not the slightest bit happy with anything that comes out of my kitchen, it goes right back in and never to the customer’s table.  

I want Pantry d’or’s clients to enjoy food that comforts them in a warm and welcoming environment. I believe that when it comes to food, taste should be priority. Of course, dishes need to be neatly presented, but taste always comes first.   

Desserts Galore at Pantry dór Chennai_Jullaaha Inspiration

On Jullaaha

I really enjoy browsing through the Jullaaha store and almost always come away with something that I love and end up wearing repeatedly. My all-time favourites are Jullaaha’s cotton salwar material with hand painted batik prints, as well as, Jullaaha’s Rose water, which I use regularly.

My favourite picks from the current Jullaaha collection online are without doubt the Batik and Block Print Collections. Check them out below.

- As told to Niranjani Mahadevan

The generous and friendly entrepreneur has revealed the secret recipe for her delectable chocolate brownies. We’ll be sharing these in our next post, so don't forget to subscribe.

Niranjani (ANSR Partners)
Niranjani (ANSR Partners)


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