A bold, black, pure kanchipuram silk saree with pop-up motifs in bright green and blue, balanced by a traditional, gold, intricately worked pallu and a strong blue border on three sides from Jullaaha - www.jullaaha.com

Caring for Your Kanchipuram Silks

by Niranjani (ANSR Partners)

Every original handloom Kanchipuram (Kanjeevaram) silk saree, be it new or old, carries a bit of history. The history of silk and weaving in Asia and the Indian subcontinent. 

In addition, these multi-hued, buttery soft silk sarees often carry many stories from our personal histories.

There are said to be 5,000 families involved in the production of silk in the town of Kanchipuram and each saree can last for 100 years or more.

A unique, pure kanchipuram, lightweight silk saree in a delicious combination of sea-gree, pista green and leaf green with pure gold zari borders from Jullaaha - www.jullaaha.com

Given the real and perceived value of these wearable treasures, many of our clients often ask us how to care for their silks.

Here’s a simple guide to cleaning and safeguarding your silks, so that your daughters and granddaughters can wear them as heirloom pieces, a few decades from now.

The most important point to remember here is, Kanchipuram sarees are hand woven and hence the weave is relatively delicate, when compared to a machine-made saree. 

An eye-catching, red and black, pure kanchipuram silk saree, with mango motifs and a peacock inspired border in gold zari from Jullaaha - www.jullaaha.com

Cleaning Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

  1. Wash pure silk sarees only in cold water and with similar colours.
  2. Use a mild soap, preferably shampoo. Make sure you rinse out all the soap thoroughly. Completely avoid bleaches and ammonia-based detergents.
  3. Dry-cleaning is also a good option, particularly for the first cleaning. 
  4. To dry, hang out your Kanchipuram silk saree in a shady area, away from direct sunlight. Do not wring or twist the saree to dry. 
  5. Do not use a dryer for silk sarees, let them naturally air dry.

A pure, kanchipuram silk saree in a subtle, navy blue covered with bright green creepers in a mesmerising, running pattern that mimicks a garden in spring from Jullaaha - www.jullaaha.com

Removing Stubborn Stains from Your Kanchipuram Silk Saree

  1. To remove stains such as ink or oils, generously sprinkle talcum powder onto the affected area. Allow the powder to sit for a while. The powder will absorb the grease or ink and draw it out of the material.
  2. Wash out the stain with warm water.

A traditional, mustard coloured, pure kanchipuram silk saree with a fuschia pink border and geometric motifs that add a delightful twist to the tale from Jullaaha - www.jullaaha.com

Storing Your Kanjeevaram Silk Saree

  1. Fold your silk saree inside out to preserve the colours.
  2. Store your silk saree in in a cool, dark space.
  3. Use camphor to keep insects and moths away.
  4. Avoid plastic cases or boxes to store natural fibres.
  5. Refold your saree at regular intervals, along different fold lines, to prevent creases and fraying.
  6. Dry your saree completely before storing. Never store damp sarees.

A stunning, soft, fuschia pink, pure kanchipuram silk saree with delicate motifs in marigold that gently attract attention to the classic gold zari border on three sides from Jullaaha - www.jullaaha.com

How simple was that? If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Niranjani (ANSR Partners)
Niranjani (ANSR Partners)


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